At Net Group we don’t hire skills, we hire people

It’s no secret that in the IT field, the demand exceeds the supply. There are far more employers looking for promising employees, than the other way around. Net Group’s most valuable asset is our employees, and we are constantly looking for bright new minds to join our hard-working team.

For this blog post, we interviewed our HR manager Evelin. We asked her to give an overview of the recruitment process and what Net Group values in applicants.

How does a standard recruitment process take place in Net Group?

It depends largely on the job opening. We usually use several platforms for reaching potential employees. The most important recruiting channel by far, is word-of-mouth, our own employees’ recommendation. Our current employees know the nature of the job and our work atmosphere. Therefore, they are the most suitable people to evaluate if someone has the right skill set and the suitable attitude for working at Net Group.

We visit universities and participate in events targeted for students. This allows us to share our experience and introduce our working and internship possibilities.

One of the aspects that in a way differentiates IT from other fields, is the importance of head hunting. To find suitable employees, it often means reaching out to them personally.

We try to include as many team members as possible to the different stages of recruiting process. We usually include our team members to the pre-selection, meetings with the candidate and other stages of recruitment. Both our staff members and the candidates highly appreciate the possibility to meet each other, for it allows them to get a better understanding of their mutual compatibility.

What values does Net Group appreciate in a candidate?

We are deliberately not creating a gap between our clients and our employees, therefore the ability to communicate is very important on all levels. We value initiative and positivity in a candidate – we are looking for someone who is eager to learn, willing to take responsibility, and lead a project.

The candidate’s attitude must suit ours. There’s no point in hiring simply the knowledge and experience, since we can always expand your skills. The right candidate has the attitude that fits our work environment. At Net Group, we first and foremost hire people, not the skills.

What’s the first thing you notice in a CV?

The first thing I look when opening a CV, is the overall representation and the impression the person has wanted to pass on. Simply by looking at the CV, you can tell whether the applicant really wants to work for us and if they’ve made an effort.

The importance of technical details (work experience in years, skills etc.) comes second. It’s also fun to read about a person’s hobbies and what they like to do for fun – it says a lot about their personality.

What do we offer to our candidates in Net Group?

At Net Group, we understand that leaving a good impression of yourself is not only the task of a candidate, but also the job of an employer. We have dozens of events per year for our employees. At Net Group, we make sure people engage both after and during their working hours, and in general have a comfortable work atmosphere. Read more on how we designed our office, what we offer, and what kind of activities we do together.

We engage employees into the decision-making process and offer possibilities to improve oneself through working with clients. Net Group is actively expanding outside of Estonia, which allows our employees to participate in international projects.

Net Group considers the different personalities and needs of our workers. Upon that we emphasize on various aspects of their job duties – when someone feels inspired by communicating with clients, we grant them the possibilities to do so.

What to keep in mind when applying for a job?

When applying for a job, it is important to carefully consider the way you present your personality traits and attitude.

It’s always great to read candidates’ stories on how they found us and why they want to apply. Seeing that the person wants to communicate with us, and does it in a fluent and friendly manner, has a significant impact.

I would suggest looking at the company’s social media and homepage. This way you can get acquainted with new developments in their business or the events they’ve had, both inside and outside the company. And of course, thoughtfully read the job offer, so you know exactly what is expected.

If you’ve done all that, and you’re interested in joining, the next step should be contacting through e-mail or applying through a form! You can also keep a close eye on our vacant job-offerings.


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