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It is our objective to launch and grow your business to a new level of success. Our existing customers in EMEA say we are one of the best at it.

What sets us apart from our competitors is a balanced combination of understanding and responsiveness to our customers’ needs, excellent technical skills and the ability to deliver business value promptly.

Our competences can be divided into 6 main categories – eEducation, eGovernance, eBusiness, Finance and Insurance, Utilities and Integrations.


International Criminal Court

Net Group was tasked with optimizing court workflows through improved user experience and renewal of the user interface. During the project, the logics and visuals were standardized across departments, the need for manual data entry was reduced and overall work efficiency increased.

Vihreä Älyenergia Oy

Vihrea Älyenergia started its business together with Net Group Nordic and Synerall platform, because the provided solution is scalable and suitable for growing electricity companies. As a result, Vihreä Älyenergia is enjoying its modern platform which is supporting the business 24/7.

Mandatum Life Insurance Sales Portal

Net Group created a new life insurance sales portal for Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic SE. The wizard-like sales tool with back and front end was created for 3 sales channels, which replaced the time-consuming paper and excel application forms.

Estonian Court Information System

Estonian Ministry of Justice, after automating court processes, improved the efficiency of administrative cases up to 20 times. Overall, Estonia holds the second place in Europe regarding the speed of court proceedings.

Telia Estonia e-Store

Net Group helped Telia Estonia to develop a new customer-friendly e-store. Together, an updated and visually appealing e-store was created – one that meets all the required conditions and is usable on any device.

Saku Metall Manufacturing Dashboard

Net Group and Saku Metall have co-developed a manufacturing dashboard, which allows the company to easily distribute tasks to workers, monitor progress and give incentives for production planning and re-design.

ERGO Insurance Sales Portal

Net Group developed an insurance portal with ERGO Insurance SE that has enabled ERGO e-office to operate faster, more conveniently and cheaper in its e-office contract management.

Digital Schoolbag

Together, Net Group and the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research created an e-studying solution, which is now one of the pioneering systems in the world of digital education.

Estfeed Data Sharing Platform

Estfeed is a data sharing platform designed to more efficiently organize the users’ energy consumption. Net Group helped develop some of the pilot applications with which the consumers can access, monitor and analyze their energy consumption.

Courtal e-Court Solution

The most advanced e-court information system, COURTAL, enables its users to submit claims online, participate in court proceedings over the web and manage cases more efficiently.

Advokatuur 1

Lawyers’ Examination System

The challenge for the Estonian Bar Association and Net Group was to co-create a modern, paper-free system with which future attorneys could take their exams. The developed system has dramatically reduced the effort and paperwork that goes into organizing and taking exams.

Toyota Baltic Importer System

The system allows Toyota Baltic employees to get an overview of sales and after-sales care and make their analysis, prognosis and direct sales based upon it. It turned 2 weeks of manual labor into two seconds.

East Capital Integration Solutions

East Capital is a global asset management and investment company. Now one of Net Group’s most longstanding customers outside Estonia, it initially chose us as its IT partner in the implementation of an investment portal, an underlying system for its business.