A Thank-You Evening for our Partners

We highly value our existing partners. Therefore, last week, we held a thank-you event for them. For that night, our entire 13th floor transformed into an airplane-themed wonderland.

“To invent an airplane is nothing.

To build one is something.

But to fly is everything!”

– Otto Lilienthal

That thought well describes, how Net Group’s approach to any cooperation helps our partners wing their business to a whole new level.

Since our projects usually take place in teams, our partners tend to see only one certain team they are working with. Our aim of the whole event was to introduce Net Group as a whole, introduce our work environment and say a big “thank you” for the successful partnerships we have had.


How Net Group works and our Successful Partnerships

We started with 3 short presentations. Our CEO Priit Kongo started the evening with a presentation about Net Group. He talked about how instead of just writing code, we always take time to understand our Customer’s business in depth and ask “why?”. Priit gave an overview of how Net Group operates and what we believe is important in a cooperation. Up next was our own sales manager Anders, who talked about our attitude towards designHe talked about the steps we take in order to achieve a working solution.

Last but not least, our partner from Swedbank, Nele Tambaur, took the stage and introduced the Depositary bank solution that they’ve been working on with Net Group. She introduced the Depositary bank operations, their reality before and after the solution and what motivated them to choose Net Group as a partner.


Aiming for the Business Goals

The evening continued with fun activities and networking. All our guests had the chance to design their own paper plane with the help of our design team and test it out on our business goals wall. In addition to fun activities and aiming business goals, our partners had the remaining night to network, meet our office and people.

We in Net Group enjoyed the night and hope our partners did as well. A huge shoutout to all of our partners for our successful cooperation and for choosing to reach your goals with Net Group!

As our CEO Priit pointed out in his presentation – if you have a crazy idea for your business, feel free to come and talk to us, we love to put our skills to the test and produce a solution that launches your business to another level. The first step is to contact us!


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