A Video Summary of Net Group’s 2016

The year 2016 went well for Net Group.

Exactly how well? We’ve created a video summary that will show you. Everybody who can speak Estonian can check out the video below and see for themselves.

However, for those who do not speak Estonian, here is a little summary of our last year:

  • The number of our employees has been constantly growing;
  • Our average age is 30;
  • We worked for 110 823 hours, wrote 35 436 182 lines of code and did 9000 tasks;
  • Our turnover was 3.7 millions;
  • We organized 89 events for our employees;
  • We had amazing projects;
  • We created references of our best projects for everybody to see;
  • We organized some awesome events including the Autumn Forum 2016 and Summer University;
  • We received the title of a Gazelle Company and an award for great internal communication.


2017 has already started out great and it will definitely bring us new challenges. We’re ready to face them!

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