Morning Seminar for Manufacturing Companies

The start of morning seminars

Last week, we organized a morning seminar for 20 top businesses of the Estonian metal industry. The seminar was held in the enjoyable conference area of the brand new Hilton Park Hotel. The purpose of the event was educating the participants on lean manufacturing processes and sharing knowledge on how to use information technology to achieve business growth.

Lean manufacturing

First up was our guest speaker Ants Vill from Skeleton Technologies, who is a recognized lean-manufacturing expert. He can also be found in the Forbes “2017 30 under 30 in Europe” list in the industrial sector.

Ants Vill talked about the important factors of lean manufacturing. He described how a company can benefit from a well-designed technological solution, and what to keep in mind when implementing the principles of lean manufacturing.

Net Group’s technical solutions

After the first speaker, we took the stage to introduce two technical solutions which we have developed for our customers in the manufacturing business. We don’t just develop something, it is also important for us to see the real business value behind any solution. The added business value should be measurable – be it additional turnover, cost savings, increased efficiency or something else altogether.


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