“We’re the sharpest

Microsoft® pencil in Estonia.”

While Microsoft® keeps your business running, we keep your Microsoft® running. Who else could be the best technology partner in Estonia to the world’s biggest software producer?

Mait Poska
Net Group, Technology Manager

Leading technology experts

Net Group uses new technologies, which is why the solutions we have created, are often preferred over others. We also continue to be experts in earlier stages of technology, providing our customers with support and further development.

The majority of Microsoft® technologies are represented in our development portfolio: We are experts in web application development, be the platform ASP.NET WebForms or MVC. We are strong in client-server applications made in either WinForms or WPF. We are the best in Estonia for standard interfaces, be they classical web services or rapid and reliable WCF services. We have many years of experience in integration of customer systems on the BizTalk platform. We are able to offer the best solutions using different SQL server services, be they Integration, Analysis or Reporting services.

We are highly experienced in the creation of intra- and extranets for SharePoint®. Both on Sharepoint Office 365 and Server solutions. SharePoint® platform can be used for the organizations’ in-house workflow management, social collaboration and as a platform for external web channels. And we can advise our customers whether and when it is reasonable to move to the cloud as well as how to accomplish the move skillfully.