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Net Group Contributes to the Future of Young Engineers

At Net Group, we believe in supporting the education of young engineers. We are constantly on the lookout for talented and bright minds, who are the future’s leading force.

Together with the Estonian Association of Technology Education, we have set a goal of building 100 chain reaction machines for Estonia’s 100th birthday. It will take place at a festival called “Young engineer”.

What is the festival all about and why do we contribute? Read more below!

Festival for young engineers

The festival “Young engineer” symbolizes the activeness and cleverness of the Estonian youth. Working together towards building a great and complicated solution from small elements demonstrates the clever minds of our future talents.

The festival awakens the creativity and the entrepreneurship of the young, and develops their problem-solving ability. The task is to put 100 machines to work in a way that several chain reactions would occur in each one.

The aim of the festival is to get young people interested in technology and engineering. You can read more about the festival in Estonian HERE!

Supporting the future talents

As mentioned above, Net Group supports the education of young engineers. We believe that when introduced to technology and engineering from an early age, it can spark a true interest.

The young engineers are the future of Estonia, and therefore it is important for us to contribute to their education.

Together with Estonian Association of Technology Education, we will take on the challenge of creating 100 chain reaction machines! The family festival takes place at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

Happy birthday, Estonia!

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