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Net Group at the Africa-EU Summit 2017

Overview of the Summit

Net Group is actively expanding into Sub-Saharan Africa. At the end of November, we participated in the Africa-EU Summit 2017.

The high-level foreign visit took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. During the visit, Net Group and other Estonian companies took part of the Business Forum and met with the African representatives. Our CEO Priit Kongo held a keynote at the Business Forum on how to move towards economic growth with the help of a digitalized government.

Why did Net Group take part of the Summit and what was it about? Keep reading to find out!

Africa as a growing market

One of the challenges African countries are facing is their rapidly growing population. Over 60% of the African population is under 20 years old. To deal with the growing population, investments in classical infrastructures are not efficient enough, whereas investments in digital infrastructures can give direct results with 2-3 years.

By building digital infrastructures, African countries can create a better prospect for the 150 million youths entering the labor market.

When creating a digital society, justice and law enforcement systems are vital. Net Group has worked with justice digitalization projects in Estonia, Iraq, the Netherlands etc.

Estonian delegation at the Business Forum.

Digital solutions create new jobs, help develop businesses, improve the level of education, and root good governance. With 20 years, Estonia has become the leader of e-governance in Europe. Because of this, Estonia is known and trusted among African leaders.

6th EU-Africa Business Forum

The 6th EU-Africa Business Forum took place on the 27th of November. This year for the first time, the discussion mainly focused on boosting the economy with digital and e-solutions.

Because of Net Group’s vast experience in e-governance and justice digitalization, our CEO Priit, was invited to participate at the Business Forum. He talked about justice digitalization in foreign markets and the challenges African countries face when digitalizing justice systems.

Besides Net Group’s CEO Priit, Estonian, Namibian and DEVCO representatives and a CEO of a private enterprise FiftyFor also participated at the panel.

During the forum, the attendees shared knowledge and practical lessons on how to digitally improve the business climate.

What next?

Net Group gained valuable new prospects. We are looking forward to working with partnering countries and developing new legal and educational information systems.

The Business Forum concluded on how digital solutions could enable Tiger’s Leap for African Countries, and help develop democracy, along with a better future for their youth.


As you might have noticed, participating at the Summit and Business Forum was part of our African Roadshow. To keep yourself in the loop, make sure to follow us on social media.


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