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Net Group Through the eyes of Interns

Hi! My name is Keily and I am a marketing intern in Net Group. While Net Group has held a Summer University for IT-students for six whole years by now, they had never had an intern in the marketing department. I had the chance to be the first one.

In this post, I have a chance to give you an overview of my internship. Instead of talking only from my own point of view, I have gathered the experience and thoughts of all eight of our Summer University IT-interns as well. Together we will give you a better insight on what we have gained from our experiences and how we see Net Group.

Internship where you can actually get stuff done

Net Group isn’t my first internship. I’ve gained valuable experience from all of my previous internships. So how did Net Group’s internship differ from my other experiences? It was the amount of trust they showed in me.

Allowing a close access to the tools and channels used for marketing and teaching me the details of different marketing elements, developed me a lot in the field. I’ve produced content during my previous internships without standing close by to the whole process of marketing. Hence, I couldn’t see the “big picture”.  Here in Net Group, I was able to do that.

First impressions of Net Group

I feel that the image of the company I work for is important. My first impression of Net Group via their homepage and social media was that the employees must really enjoy what they do. Our Java intern Egle-Riin’s views of the company were also shaped through Net Group’s home page and their references. The positive vibe and the possibility to advance her career after the internship was what motivated her to apply for the Summer University.

The image of the company doesn’t only develop through the web. A lot of our Summer University interns said that their first impression developed mainly through what they heard from other people. Our Java intern Heleriin and .NET intern Elina applied for the Summer University because they had heard good stories about the work environment and friendly co-workers. Our .NET intern Martin’s positive impression developed through the information he got about Net Group through the University and what he heard from our office visitation for students.

What did I gain from my internship?

For me, working in Net Group didn’t always mean plainly sitting in the office from 9 to 5 and completing tasks behind the computer. I got to visit different restaurants to select the best possible environment for the next company events, meet with our partners, participate in their client events and even give a hard thought on how to build the best paper plane. The job should be varied, right? Oh, and of course the view from the 12th floor made it all even more enjoyable!

The internship in Net Group didn’t just broaden my mind about different marketing solutions. It also gave me a better clue on how things work in IT. Learning about different IT-solutions and getting a glimpse of how a business development company works daily, has been a valuable experience. Working in marketing always means being on top of the business and understanding it in depth. You can’t sell something you don’t understand.

I gained a lot of valuable knowledge in marketing during my internship. Learning how to manage a homepage, how to read and understand the data that every user leaves behind after visiting our pages and what to do with it all in the future, are just a few of the things that the university doesn’t necessarily teach.

Or creating a google- and customer-friendly content, taking into account the keywords and the choice of words when creating content. Or even looking into the future and planning next year’s marketing goals and activities.

University vs internship

My internship in Net Group showed me that the university wisdom doesn’t always go far when diving into the field itself. What truly helps you see how things really work, is mostly achieved through real life experience. Hands-on experience is always more beneficial than listening to somebody else’s experience or reading a theoretical material.

Net Group’s Java intern Oliver said that when it comes to programming, he has learned the most during extracurricular activities and by learning extra on his own. Our Front-End Intern Martin believes that the university studies gave him a “starter pack” into programming.

When talking to our Summer University interns, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how practical their study methods were in their universities. Our .NET intern Roland said that his studies made it a lot easier for him to participate in Net Group’s Summer University program. And the project that Elina currently works on is very similar to the course she took earlier this year in the university.

Five of our Summer University interns during our weekly cake Friday

Our .NET intern Mikk said that the internship opened his eyes on how to really work in the field and it has allowed him to advance his competencies. Egle-Riin and Martin pointed out the technical aspect of the internship – being able to work on real projects gives you a better insight of how things work in IT.

Interested in a hands-on internship?

I’m glad Net Group opened its doors for me to test and develop my skills. Dedicating their time to train young students is a sign of an open-minded company who is willing to invest in their future employees. The time here has taught me a lot and I definitely feel more secure in my field of study after the internship.

If what I and our Summer University interns shared here sparked an interest in you to join the team of Net Group, then I encourage you to apply for the next year’s Summer University program or contact us HERE! You have nothing to lose, only bunch to gain!


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