“Beauty is not in

the eye of the beholder
but in the hands of users.

Our user interfaces save you time and spare your nerves. And on top of that, they’re also beautiful. After all, efficiency is beauty.

Mare Hunt
Net Group, Web and User Interface Designer

From Prototype to Finished Solution

A user interface is an everyday piece of working equipment for many people and must therefore fit ‘snugly in hand’, whether using it in a mobile device or a computer. That’s where our designer comes in. The more complex the content of the user interface, the more important it is to think it all fully through and test the product as early as possible.

We aim to offer the best.

  • We start by compiling the easiest possible prototype – without any design.
  • We test this clickable prototype on real people. If the users approve of the prototype, we continue with the process.
  • We start creating the actual application only after the experts and testers have given the prototype the final thumbs-up.

Why test at all? This is how we detect errors as early as possible and save precious programming time. It also means we can write back-end code onto an already stable foundation. At that stage, we no longer have to rack our brains over the necessity of any function or the structure of the data model.