Cooperation with EAS: Improving the e-service System

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) is a foundation that promotes business and regional policy in Estonia. Together with Net Group they improved part of their e-service environment, based it on a new technology and upgraded the design to a whole new level.

To get a better idea of the project, here’s an overview by Net Group’s team manager Birgit and EAS’s Business Analyst and Project Manager Marge Lodjak.

Aim of the project

EAS issued a procurement to improve part of their e-service in which users submit their cost documents after having received financial support. The online e-service platform contains various parts but our focus was on the part that had the biggest shortcomings – the submission of cost documents.

EAS wished to improve all the shortcomings within one project. The problems of the existing system could be categorized in three:

  1. Strong performance problems: the data entry process itself had changed, which made it impossible to improve the performance with the existing system. Entering data online was time-consuming and a slow system made the process uncomfortable for the user.
  2. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI): users of the environment had difficulties understanding the data entry process and that resulted in a lot of negative feedback. EAS wished to make their online e-service more compatible for the user and thus raise user experience satisfaction. To achieve that, EAS took suggestions from users on how they would prefer to fill the forms.
  3. Old design: EAS wished to create a new and contemporary design for the cost submission part of the e-service, both from the front­-end and back-end perspective, making the environment visually more appealing and more comfortable to use.

Picture of the e-service environment before:

Overview of what was done

To improve all the above-mentioned shortcomings, Net Group’s team based the cost document submission part of the e-service environment on a new technology Angular. The new technology was implemented to solve performance problems.

Our team upgraded UI and made the environment more user-friendly and understandable for the customer. Our designer Mare emphasized the importance of natural UI, which means that filling the forms online should work the same way as filling them on paper. As a result of basing the environment on a new technology, filling the forms takes less time, it is easier to use, and thus more user-friendly.

Using a certain environment should be a continuous process. Since our team only worked with one part of the e-service environment, it was important to harmonize our new design with the rest of EAS’s e-service system. Our design team adjusted the external and internal environment designs to make different parts of the system similar.

Results of the project

A bit over half a year has passed since the new cost document submission system was implemented into EAS’s e-service environment. What has changed after the implementation of the project?

Picture of the e-service environment after:

While the before and after pictures might seemingly differ mainly from the overall appearance, it is important to pay closer attention to the exact results and actions taken to achieve them:

  1. Faster environment: Net Group’s solution made submitting cost documents, including large files, a lot faster. This was immediately noticed by users.
  2. Upgraded UI and UX: filling the forms and navigating on the website was made significantly more understandable to the user. The new system is more user-friendly and implementing natural UI makes the whole document submission process more understandable and natural for the user.
  3. Brand new design: the designs of the cost submission part of the e-service and the rest of the e-service was harmonized. The usage of the e-service environment is now a continuous experience for the user.
  4. Significantly improved customer feedback: as mentioned earlier, the incomprehensible structure of the previous environment left the users dissatisfied. Users had a hard time understanding the platform and how to enter their costs. With the new technology Angular, upgraded UI and UX, and brand-new design, customer feedback has significantly improved.

According to Marge Lodjak, EAS Business Analyst and Project Manager, since the implementation of the updates, there hasn’t been any negative feedback. People especially mention the cost documents submission part and praise it for the new possibilities. “This alone shows that we have done the right thing,” says Marge Lodjak.

Below you can see some of the extracts from the customer feedback after the implementation of the project:

Feedback from EAS and Net Group’s team

Both, Net Group’s team and our partner EAS, are very satisfied with the project. As Marge Lodjak from EAS mentioned, all the goals were met and the new system is faster, more comfortable and visually better-looking. Users enjoy the new solution and take the time to give positive feedback, which is a good indicator that the project was successful.

Our team in Net Group looks back at the project with pride. When it comes to the new design and new solution, our team is very content with the results. Using a new technology Angular was a first-time experience for our team which made working with the project enjoyable and full of new challenges.

Both EAS and Net Group applaud the team that worked with the project. Marge Lodjak says:

“Net Group’s team was very open-minded and honest communication made the whole process a lot easier. I am happy with the team and with the results of the project.” 

Net Group’s team manager Birgit also praises her team for coming up with new solutions and for their efficient problem-solving attitude. “A united team that breathes in the same rhythm is very important. With a team like that, nothing is impossible!” says Birgit.

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