Business Intelligence Morning Seminar

Overview of the seminar

Last week we organized this year’s last morning seminar for companies who would benefit from cooperation with Net Group. The topic of the morning seminar was business data smart analysis and prediction with the help of Business Intelligence (BI) and Machine Learning.

The seminar was held on the 24th floor of Radisson Blu Sky Hotel. We enjoyed great speakers, delicious breakfast and an amazing snowy view.

Cloud services: artificial intelligence and predicting data

Our first speaker was Leivo Sepp from Microsoft. He talked about machine learning and creating a personalized experience for the customer, supporting business with data and innovative solutions on the retail market.

Leivo pointed out that the first thing one should do, when getting started with BI, is asking the right questions: what do I want to achieve, how can I do it, and most importantly, do I have the right data for it and how do I measure success?

Power BI and case study

Our own business analysis team leader Maarja was the second speaker. She talked about business analysis, gave an overview of Power BI and the real benefits of using it. Maarja talked about our experience in Net Group with using Power BI and showed a demo of our practice.

After Maarja, Net Group Nordic’s project director Aki Siponen took the stage and talked about Finnish Keravan Energia case study of using Power BI. Energy companies have a lot of data to work with. A lot of time is spent on data collection, creating reports and delivering them on paper.

After adopting Power BI, Keravan Energia is now more transparent and they see immediate benefits every time a new data set becomes visible.


How could Business Intelligence benefit your company?

We hope all of the attendees left the event with useful new knowledge and ideas on how to make business data work for their company.

If you want to know, how the topics discussed at the seminar would benefit your company, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to give you a personalized demo. Take the first steps to analyze your business data and get real benefits out of it!

If you are interested in attending Net Group’s morning seminars, feel free to write us an e-mail. We will make sure to let you know as soon as another seminar is coming up!


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