Net Group’s African Roadshow

The last weeks of November takes Net Group’s representatives to a roadshow in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our CEO Priit and MENA Region Director Timo will introduce e-solutions to different African countries and thereby, carry out our enlargement strategy.

Africa is an important region for Net Group due to its developmental capacity. We are introducing different e-solutions, and participating, as well as organizing, events and trainings to advance our cooperation with African leaders. Our aim is to inspire Africa to become a digital leader of the world.

What are our purposes in Sub-Saharan Africa this time and what are we introducing?

Sharing wisdom on e-Justice

Estonia, as a leader of digital innovation, has a lot of knowledge and ideas to share with other countries, including regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Net Group specializes in many areas, but on this trip, we are focusing mainly on introducing e-Justice and e-Education solutions. We have years of experience in the field of justice digitalization.

Our roadshow in Africa started in Tanzania. Priit and Timo are visiting local courts and introducing some of our e-Justice solutions.

After Tanzania, the journey will take Priit and Timo to Zambia, where they will scout for future possibilities.

The Africa-EU Summit in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, will be the main attraction, because Priit will hold a keynote at the Business Forum. He will talk about how to boost the economy with the help of digitalized government.

The Summit is a perfect opportunity to meet African representatives. The event allows to share knowledge and practical lessons between African and European countries on how to digitally improve the business environment.

The Business Forum allows different parties to discuss practical opportunities to work together.

Introducing e-Education possibilities

Last but not least, our roadshow will culminate in Guinea, where Priit and Timo will promote the Digital Schoolbag. They will be meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Procurement, as well as different institutions, including universities.


Join the journey!

Make sure to keep an eye on our social media to witness the roadshow yourself. We will share pictures and information of the roadshow on our Facebook and LinkedIn. By following our pages, you’ll be the first to find out new information!

To get a better overview of our accomplishments in the fields of e-Justice and e-Education, check out our references HERE!


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