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Result of a Great Partnership – A solution that keeps on winning

At Net Group, we aim to grow our clients’ businesses to a new level of success. We take pride in the solutions that benefit our customer and their stakeholders. Together with our good partner Eesti Energia, we launched a mobile application at 2014. You can read more about the creation and renewal of the app …

A Video Summary of Net Group’s 2017

Net Group accomplished a lot with the last year. We have our employees and great partners to thank for that. Make sure to check out how 2017 looked like for us! Since the video is in Estonian, we listed the most important bullets here in English: Our turnover grew exceptionally, from 3.5 million to 5.5 …

At Net Group we don’t hire skills, we hire people

It’s no secret that in the IT field, the demand exceeds the supply. There are far more employers looking for promising employees, than the other way around. Net Group’s most valuable asset is our employees, and we are constantly looking for bright new minds to join our hard-working team. For this blog post, we interviewed …

A workplace can’t get any more awesome

We’re constantly looking for new and bright faces, come and join our team!

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