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Smart Decisions with Business Intelligence

How do you analyze strategic information in your business? Where do you store and analyze your data? In the world of business, a lot has to do with speed. You can easily outrun your competitors when you base your strategic decisions on the freshest information. How to make accurate and quick decisions when leading your business? Well, …

How Customers receive value in Digital World: 7-step process

Chasing the real benefit When creating a solution together with our Customers, the most important thing for Net Group is to understand the real benefit our Customer receives from the solution. This means that we have to interpret Customer’s business strategy into our agile language. Actually, the strategic view prevails during the whole process and for this …

Net Group Through the eyes of Interns

Hi! My name is Keily and I am a marketing intern in Net Group. While Net Group has held a Summer University for IT-students for six whole years by now, they had never had an intern in the marketing department. I had the chance to be the first one. In this post, I have a chance …

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