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Why should You study IT?

There are dozens of different fields to study at university. Yet every year, hundreds of high school graduates in Estonia apply for the information technology program, making it one of the most popular speciality. During this year alone, 485 new students started their studies in the IT faculty of Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ). However, choosing …

A Thank-You Evening for our Partners

We highly value our existing partners. Therefore, last week, we held a thank-you event for them. For that night, our entire 13th floor transformed into an airplane-themed wonderland. “To invent an airplane is nothing. To build one is something. But to fly is everything!” – Otto Lilienthal That thought well describes, how Net Group’s approach …

Smart Decisions with Business Intelligence

How do you analyze strategic information in your business? Where do you store and analyze your data? In the world of business, a lot has to do with speed. You can easily outrun your competitors when you base your strategic decisions on the freshest information. How to make accurate and quick decisions when leading your business? Well, …

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